The Farm

Green Button Farm is a sustainable family farm that meets the unsatiated need for quality produce and pastured raised poultry and beef in Durham, NC.  Owned by Ryan & Alicia Butler and located just 9 miles north of Durham’s downtown, Green Button is one of the most local farms now supplying Picnic Durham, other Triangle restaurants, camp/ conference centers, and other channels of the locavore economy of Durham.

The mission of Green Button Farm is to be a year-round local source for high quality produce, pasture raised pork, poultry and beef grown on our farm using sustainable and responsible principles that result in safe, chemical and antibiotic free food and a healthy environment.

Though most farms in our area have a name of topographical nature, our farm, like everything else in our lives, has a humorous story behind it. Just newly engaged, Ryan asked Alicia to replace a missing button on his favorite pair of chinos. Alicia not wanting to disappoint and eager to add her artistic flair to his boring slate blue cotton pants, thought a very large green button would be the perfect accessory.  The green button that she added was so large that Ryan had to cut the hole of the button to make it fit.  Ryan and Alicia have been mending and adjusting with artistic flare for the past fifteen years.

Also of note: the word “Button” is the culmination of the first three letters of Ryan’s surname, Butler, and the last three letters of Alicia’s maiden name, Cotton.

Finally, Green is how we want to live our lives. And the color of that button!