Spring…that wonderful beautiful time of year when the temps start to rise, the clouds begin to clear, and the plants turn bright green…… errrrrrrrrrp Not on farms! Well those things do happen, but they are accompanying the craziest “to do” list you have ever seen.  As I sit and write to you I can hear the fairly loud chirps of day old chicks in our basement. BASEMENT you say. Well, yes because the new pigs needed tending, the turkeys wanted attention as a I walked out the door, and the tractor bucket was already at work moving dirt when the post office called to say our chicks were ready to be picked up.  Spring is most definitely knocking on our farm door! I cannot complain though, because I secretly love the excitement of this time of year (I do also love to complain just a little bit too).


Farm sentiments on Spring!


CSA News: It is also time for our Spring/ Summer CSA to begin on April 8th. The first informational CSA newsletter was emailed out this week.  If you did not receive one, it means you are not on our main list for the spring/ summer CSA.  This could be my fault or maybe yours, but no worries there are still a few spaces available! You can sign up through our online website here, or you can email me directly at alicia@greenbuttonfarm.com.  We have added several new delivery locations, and we still have room for a few more. Remember free delivery is available to areas with 5 or more participants, and a $3 per week charge for those that want a delivery but have less participation. We offer produce, egg, meat, and combo CSAa, and this year they are all available in installment payments. You will also receive weekly emails with recipes to make your life of supporting farms a little more convenient! And if you feel overwhelmed by veggies, just remember….


Baby News: My babies are beginning to feel the warmth of spring temps.  Our boys are growing like weeds! I love the quote about weeds that says, “A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.” I say they should grow keep growing like weeds! Jackson, Gates , and Finn will be turning 8,6,and 4 in May. If you stop by on a warm day you might find will find them naked and/ or barefoot.  They are usually rolling down “dirt mountain” (dirt we have deliveried for flower beds or gardens) or camped out in their tree house. Try not to judge my me as a mother we are working on the “no naked butts at the dinner table” rule, but one of the main reasons for purchasing our farm was being able to pee in the yard with out stink eyes from the neighbors….

In other baby news, we are being inundated by baby birds.  Each week we have a new group of broiler chicks arrive on farm.  They grow quickly and will move from the warm heat lamps to our pastures in just a few weeks.  We also have more layers (of all different varieties) arriving.  I am most excited about the french guineas.  This will be a first for us. Our beef business is growing quickly, and we will be adding 2 young steers to the farm next week.  Let us all hope they are not as wild as “Lebron.”  I would hate to have to chase another steer in my lilly pulitzer pajama pants, muck boots, and triathlon men’s tee down 501 (did I mention it was also pouring rain)! We began the switch to a berkshire breed of pig last month, and will continue adding babies this month.  I cannot help, but love this particular group of piggies.  They are so sweet and friendly!


Gardening News: We are finally ready to begin adding the rows to our new 3 acre garden space. Our piggies spent the fall and winter months rooting up our cover crops of rye, soybeans, and turnips.  They did a great job making the soil a more fertile place to grow. We will continue with our old garden spaces too. Our smallest area will be a combination herbs, lettuce, and children’s learning garden. If my boys were left alone to to design the garden area it would definitely look like this:


Construction News: Ryan is busy making plans for our new air chill chicken facility (more on this soon). We are also closing in our old pole barn to make a better place for our “new to us” walk in cooler and freezers. Say a little prayer for us that they work better than our old commercial freezer…nothing scares a farmer more than rising temps on a freezer! The last BIG project for the season is fencing…if you you have known us for a while, you know we need new fencing.


Other News: We are tired, but blessed! Thank you for continuing to be the thread that holds our button of farm together. Whether you are family encouraging and supporting us, friends meeting us for drinks to listen to us complain or laugh, our CSA clients who make this farm successful, or the friendly faces we see at the farmers’ markets, you are all a blessing to us – giving us hope that we might not be too crazy for taking a chance on a little farm in the Bahama(s).