We on Green Button Farm get asked this question a lot! What do I do with a whole chicken? Well, let me start by saying it is easy! And by easy, I mean takes no effort, you are out of the kitchen in less than 10 minutes, and that screaming kid in the background has your full attention once again. When you purchase a GBF chicken it comes to you plucked, shrink wrapped, and looking much like a grocery store purchase.  The main difference is our birds tend to be on the smaller side – a byproduct of letting them live on pasture and not pumping them full of antibiotics. We strive to have our birds weigh between 3-5lbs, but in all honesty they are living breathing animals.  Sometimes they are smaller and sometimes they are bigger….  A small chicken can be gobbled up by my family in one night, but even if that happens, I still have enough pieces for soup, and a carcass for stock. On a bigger chicken my family gets 3 meals. Our go to’s are one whole chicken night, one soup – usually edamamae chicken soup, and one other meal -usually skinny chicken enchiladas or peach chicken quesadillas.

So now what to do? The easiest, and my every Monday go to is…cooking it whole. There are great directions for roasting a chicken found in cookbooks and on the web worldwide. Some are complicated, but many are simple. My way might be no thrills, but it sure is tasty! Here is my step by step for this very process:


  • Wine (any type will do – pick your favorite.)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Green Button Farm Chicken
  • Broiling Pan
  • Meat thermometer – I don’t use this – I just rely on my eyeballs…

Step By Step Guide

  1. Wash chicken and pat dry.
  2. Place chicken breast up on broiling pan (this means boney side down).
  3. I use a brush to coat chicken with olive oil.
  4. Sprinkle with salt (I use coarse).
  5. Crack fresh pepper on top of bird.
  6. Place in preheated 370 oven and cook until your meat thermometer reaches 170 ( I cook until the skin is slightly crispy looking)
  7. Forgot to mention the sipping wine between steps, but wash hands before grabbing your glass!
  8. Your done! So easy!

If Ryan is left in charge of cooking the chicken he pieces it out, and then grills it with his super delicious, super secret barbecue sauce.  The best instructional guide for piecing out a chicken can be found here:


So grab your own secret sauce or a bottle of something on the grocery shelves and give it a try!

Next Week, our very own T-bone Piggins (employee of the month) will post how to butterfly and grill the whole “pluckin” bird.