Sustainable Fundraiser

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Hello, my name is Alicia Butler, owner of Green Button Farm and mother of three young boys.  Green Button farm is a small Durham farm that provides your community with fresh, local, seasonal produce and proteins (eggs, pork, poultry, and beef). We offer a CSA for the Fall/Winter Season and Spring/Summer.

After spending countless hours helping to raise money by volunteering on our own school’s PTA, we realized we could easily help assist our school raise money, advance local food movement, and raise environmental awareness and stewardship among students by donating part of our CSA sales to schools. We love partnering with schools by helping to provide educational opportunities and also giving back 5% for all CSAs that your families participate in. It is a “hands off” fundraiser that works very similar to those rebates found at your local grocer.  We can help spread the word and market your partnership with us by delivering flyers to be sent home, and creating a short description for any list serves you might have. The average amount donated to each school per season is $300-$600 ($600-$1200 per school year), and that amount can easily be higher dependent upon participation.


What is a CSA?

That is a great question. Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farmer and a community of supporters. At the beginning of the growing season, members purchase a share of the farm’s production. The farmer uses this money to cover the cost of seeds, equipment, labor, and maintenance. When CSA members make this commitment they are supporting the farm through the season and are sharing the risks and bounty of growing food. This mutually supportive relationship between 
local farmers and community 
members helps to create
 economically stable farm 
operations in which members are
 assured the highest quality
 produce. In return, farmers are 
assured a reliable market for a
 variety of crops. Once a week during the growing season members receive a reusable box of locally grown fresh produce. These boxes of local culinary goodness include 5 to 8 vegetables and herbs selected from a wide range of items that vary with the seasons. Members also have the option to add proteins to their share by joining our egg, poultry, pork or beef CSAs.

Your Part

The job for you is minimal. We ask that you help spread the word about our farm and the CSA by passing out flyers to your faculty and students. Once the CSA begins, we will need a central location to deliver the boxes of produce to your school. We ask that you work with us to formulate a plan for distribution of the boxes (people walk in to pick up, a parent volunteers to pass them out (for a reduced CSA price), or students take responsibility for picking them up and walking them out. If you have a place for a larger cooler or freezer, we can also deliver proteins and cheeses.

Our Part

We will provide you with flyers/information to pass along to families. Participants will sign up on our website (they will choose the pick up location of your school). We can also offer home delivery if our members prefer, and as long as they note it in the comment section we will count them in the fundraiser. You will not be responsible for handling money or interested applications. We will deliver the CSAs on either Monday or Tuesday for the entirety of the season. We will write you a check for the 5% at the end of the season, once everyone has completed all payments. We aim to make this as easy on the school and participating families as possible. We can also offer field trips and educational opportunities for your students.

Our CSA for this coming season begins 9/30, but we can accept late entries at a prorated price. If you would like to learn more you can contact me via email at, phone (919)236-7573, or check out our website